March 29, 2021

March Meet the Maker

 Have you ever heard of March Meet the Maker?  It is an Instagram challenge that I have been doing for a few years. There are fun prompts for each day and this year the weekends were free for catching up and other posts. 

Here are a few photos that I used this year. To see all of them head over to instagram and scroll through. 

Day 4: On your desk

Day 5: Newest Make

Day 8: Work in Progress

Day 10: Small Details

Day 16: From the Archive

Day 9: Learning Curve

Day 1: Brand Introduction

Day 23: Job/s

I'm always pretty proud of my feed after #marchmeetthemaker and what's fun is that I've also put them into my highlights. I've also got a few other fun pics in there.  These are just a few of the photos that I used during this fun challenge. Head over to see the rest.

What is something that you really like to do during the year in social media?

February 1, 2021

Goals 2021

 I usually figure out my goals rather quickly in the year - I thought I'd wait a bit to see how the year was going before starting my goals. :) So without all the fanfare here are my goals for 2021 (they may change).

These goals are subject to change at any time throughout the year. I have to say that out loud because I need to remember to do my best with what I've got. We are hearing about vaccines, but who knows when we will be getting one. So let's call this the list of things I'd like this year.

- Blog once/month

    So far, so good. I keep this here so that I can be held accountable. I want at least once/month so that I keep going and keep my habit.  I would like to change a bit during the year from "this is what's going on with me" to "this is how you do things".  That seems difficult to me while running a business. So... I will figure that out and see where it takes me.

- Sew items

    When I started I was learning how to sew different items. Now that I have a lot of experience, it just isn't as thrilling. I'd like to make a few things each month and list them on my site so that I can have a bit on hand for when we can do in person markets. (more on that later)  I also want to be excited again.  I compare me sewing to getting the kids in a bath - it's a struggle to actually get the water and then get the kids in, but once there they love it and don't want to leave. haha

- Create fun designs for home decor

    This is a bit fun but also stressful. I can just download a few SVG files and call it a day, but I love to make things that are unique. So I will be working on a few things that are made by myself. I also would like to try and make them on things that I haven't really done much of - like tumblers or shirts. But Still stay true to myself. I like the painted wood look the most - so I'll embrace that and then maybe move in to other things. That means that I first need to design. :)

- Participate in 4 markets.

    Phew! I have one under my belt already. I did the new year FB market on a group. It was fun, and a lot of work. I'd love to find a few others to do this summer and hopefully soon we can start going back in person. (It's hard being a high risk household.) I love markets in general - I miss going to them. I know that eventually we'll be able to do it more and more - so until then I need a way to keep my business afloat. 

I try not to make too many and also keep them achievable. Hopefully by having these goals to look at and come back to I can keep moving forward and have a fun and productive year.

January 1, 2021

WOTY 2021

 Years ago I decided that I didn't want to set specific new year's resolutions anymore. Why? Because I don't every actually follow through. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person that has happened to. So instead of having a resolution to break - I decided to adopt a word of the year.  

Last year's word was 'Trust' and I did have to do that a lot. Trust in myself, my talent, my wit, in my family, in scientists, and in others to do the right thing. It was a hard year. 

In November I was able to see something incredible happen all across social media. A simple hashtag was used and it went viral very quickly. Soon, everyone I knew as giving thanks for everything they had. I loved seeing all the positivity from friends. I loved seeing the posts about spouses, children, parents, and friends. I especially loved the posts about the tiny and random things people were thankful for. 

So for 2021 I'd like to keep things going - stay positive. 

My word for this year of 2021 is 'Gratitude'.  I have noticed that when I look for what I am thankful for I am always more happy. I am more kind. I am more everything that I want to be. Gratitude to me is being someone that has a grateful attitude. It is changing your thinking.

I will not be perfect this year. Not by a long shot. If 2020 has taught me anything it is that we should always be grateful for what we have. So many things happened. I'm grateful for my family. I lost my dad at the end of 2020 and I am still reeling from it. I'm so very thankful that he was at home and we could visit so very often. We went over more than I ever really have before. School is being done online right now for our family and I am so very grateful that I have a college degree in teaching. I was only in the classroom for my student teaching portion, but I have been using everything I learned this year for my own children. It has been a blessing that I can stay organized and that I can help them with their work. I planned on doing a lot of in person markets last year, however I had to pivot to online. I am so grateful that I have knowledge enough to make my own website - it has been fun to learn and also great to see the kindness of others. 

One of the things that I got for Christmas was a gratitude journal. I've never had one before. I like the idea of writing down 3 things that I am thankful for every day. This is very close to resolution territory - I would like to write every day - but not sure if I can keep it up in reality. I'll try - it's not bad to have goals. This way I can look back on my bad days and see that there are so any things to be thankful for. 

So how about you? Are you going to have a resolution? Do you use a word for the year? Also - how will I display this word this year? I'll let you see soon. I just haven't found the right design for it yet. :)

December 12, 2020

Top 3

I thought it would be fun to go through everything that I have sold this crazy year. I am really surprised! I had many items that were similar in the count, but there were a few that really were higher on the list. The top 3 things that I've sold are:

#1 personalized key chains

#2 Masks (makes sense)

#3 personalized wooden ornaments

I'm sensing a pattern - personalized.

Did you know that I can personalize zip pouches, tote bags, snack bags and more. I also have been getting more orders for wooden signs. I think the reason is because they are new to my site. It's always fun to make something new. These are also a bit personalized - different colors and saying available.

The hard part about having things personalized is that they take time. So please remember that as you place orders. Not just with me, but anyone that puts time into making lovely things. Order early and have patience.

I love to look back and see what it was like - even in a weird year like 2020. Remember that the last day I'm taking orders this year is the 18.