November 14, 2020

Codes for days

 Holy cow! I have been a bit busy this month with lots of fun things going on. I am so happy to be involved in so many fun craft markets (see last post for all the details). 

In order to see where people are buying things from, I've made a few codes for free shipping. You can find these codes all over my social media pages from Instagram, twitter, and facebook.  I'm trying to reach out to everyone. I'm also wanting to know where you are coming from. Which market are you supporting? I will say that every single market has small shops just like me, so please shop small and support some makers. :)


CLCSHIPPING  - for free shipping from Craft Lake City Holiday Market

NYMSHIPPING - for free shipping from Not Yo' Mama's Winter Market

LDACSHIPPING - for free shipping from the Latter-Day arts and crafts Market (On FB)

Also, stay tuned for another fun sales code coming soon. This will be for everyone and will focus on Shop Small Saturday! I'm getting excited. 

October 31, 2020

All the details

 It's that time of year - when my life goes from a little crazy to completely crazy!  It's fun to make plans and then get to follow through on them.  I needed to apply to online fairs this year and I think I found a few really fun ones. 

This year I have the privilege of being asked to participate in three different online craft fairs. Here is a place that you can find where and when to shop these fun sales. I'll be posting specific shopping codes to help me know which sale is the most used. I hope that they all do well.

Craft Lake City Holiday Market:

- Open from November 1-30
- Find all vendors at Craft Lake City's Website
- Watch Instagram for a special shopping code.

Latter-Day Arts and Crafts Market:

- Open the week of Nov 16 
- Join the facebook group in order to find vendors
- Watch Facebook for a special shopping code.

Not yo' mama's winter market:

- Open Nov 9 - Dec 18
- Watch Twitter & Instagram for special shopping codes

Like I said, I will be having special shopping codes and they will all be announced soon. I am excited to partner with these amazing places and I hope that the markets will do amazing. It's a different year, to be sure, and we can make it a great one. Remember, shop small and shop early.  My big calendar will be posted soon. 

Also, don't forget about Small Business Saturday! More to come soon.

October 29, 2020

Holiday Market Season

 Hello All!

I know that I usually write only once per month, but this is a fun time of year!  For the next few weeks I will be showing off some of the fun things I've got going on. 

Let me say this first: It's been a tough month for us. Our home got water damage and we are now living in a construction zone. The good news? Everything for my business is now in the same place, everything is safe and I know where everything is. 

Now for the bad news: I had planned on having lots of fun things ready to order. That is not going to happen. However!! Things are okay. We will have lots of craziness happening for the next few weeks in our home and I will find a clean and happy place to work on anything you'd like me to make. I need to clarify that it will take me about a week to get to orders - but they will get done and out. That's the nice thing about making things handmade - I will make it as you need it. 

The last thing for this post: I love doing custom orders. If you have colors in mind or a general idea of what you want I am willing to give you a reserved listing on either Etsy or my website (depending on where you are more comfortable). I will message you this listing when it goes live so you can buy it. Please remember that a custom order will take me 1-2 weeks to complete and get in the mail. 

Keep watching social media and this blog for more updates and fun surprises.  This is going to be a great holiday market season. I just hope that I can make fun things and hopefully end up in the green for the entire year!

October 1, 2020

New and exciting logo

 Hey all!

I have been reading for almost a year about how people will rebrand after a few years. Usually this happens with a new name and logo. I didn't want to change my full name - that takes a lot of paperwork and I have my new website to think about. (go take a look) I have to be frugal because it's just me. With the push to support local and everyone being home my business has suffered. I can't afford to change everything up.

So I've done the next best thing! I changed my logo. I went online to look around and see what I wanted. I saw a few things that I liked and then went into my program and made this one:

I know that shorter names stick in the mind of others easier. I have been using the hashtag #MMLo3 for a couple years now and I thought I'd just jump in. However, my full name is still on here. It may not be as prominent as it used to be and that's okay. I also changed something else - I am now My Mommy Life of 3 - handmade. I changed my facebook a little while ago. I will be changing everything else today. I am so very pleased with the idea of having all things that are handmade.

With this announcement there are a few things that will be changing. Number one is my business card. I used the image on the back on my car magnet - it's been there for years. I love the idea that people can find me everywhere. I try to be very approachable. I know I'm on more social media platforms than others (I prefer Insta) but I do try to have a place that anyone can find me. 

So here's the thing. When you buy from me I am able to expand, change and enjoy my business even more. I know that this year was not my greatest - I couldn't do any in person boutiques after March. Dang Covid. We haven't actually been anywhere since my last show... March 15. That's good news - you know that what you are getting from me is clean and made with so much joy.  

There will also be more that I will add to my website. This means vinyl projects, wood projects, and more. I do love to sew. I'm good at it. I love it. I LOVE reusable items. I am not leaving that aspect of my business behind. I am just adding to it.  

Thanks for all the support and love that I get from family, friends, customers and nice people on the internet. I'm so thankful that I get to do what I love and share my creativity with others. Stay tuned for lots of fun this next season!