October 29, 2020

Holiday Market Season

 Hello All!

I know that I usually write only once per month, but this is a fun time of year!  For the next few weeks I will be showing off some of the fun things I've got going on. 

Let me say this first: It's been a tough month for us. Our home got water damage and we are now living in a construction zone. The good news? Everything for my business is now in the same place, everything is safe and I know where everything is. 

Now for the bad news: I had planned on having lots of fun things ready to order. That is not going to happen. However!! Things are okay. We will have lots of craziness happening for the next few weeks in our home and I will find a clean and happy place to work on anything you'd like me to make. I need to clarify that it will take me about a week to get to orders - but they will get done and out. That's the nice thing about making things handmade - I will make it as you need it. 

The last thing for this post: I love doing custom orders. If you have colors in mind or a general idea of what you want I am willing to give you a reserved listing on either Etsy or my website (depending on where you are more comfortable). I will message you this listing when it goes live so you can buy it. Please remember that a custom order will take me 1-2 weeks to complete and get in the mail. 

Keep watching social media and this blog for more updates and fun surprises.  This is going to be a great holiday market season. I just hope that I can make fun things and hopefully end up in the green for the entire year!

October 1, 2020

New and exciting logo

 Hey all!

I have been reading for almost a year about how people will rebrand after a few years. Usually this happens with a new name and logo. I didn't want to change my full name - that takes a lot of paperwork and I have my new website to think about. (go take a look) I have to be frugal because it's just me. With the push to support local and everyone being home my business has suffered. I can't afford to change everything up.

So I've done the next best thing! I changed my logo. I went online to look around and see what I wanted. I saw a few things that I liked and then went into my program and made this one:

I know that shorter names stick in the mind of others easier. I have been using the hashtag #MMLo3 for a couple years now and I thought I'd just jump in. However, my full name is still on here. It may not be as prominent as it used to be and that's okay. I also changed something else - I am now My Mommy Life of 3 - handmade. I changed my facebook a little while ago. I will be changing everything else today. I am so very pleased with the idea of having all things that are handmade.

With this announcement there are a few things that will be changing. Number one is my business card. I used the image on the back on my car magnet - it's been there for years. I love the idea that people can find me everywhere. I try to be very approachable. I know I'm on more social media platforms than others (I prefer Insta) but I do try to have a place that anyone can find me. 

So here's the thing. When you buy from me I am able to expand, change and enjoy my business even more. I know that this year was not my greatest - I couldn't do any in person boutiques after March. Dang Covid. We haven't actually been anywhere since my last show... March 15. That's good news - you know that what you are getting from me is clean and made with so much joy.  

There will also be more that I will add to my website. This means vinyl projects, wood projects, and more. I do love to sew. I'm good at it. I love it. I LOVE reusable items. I am not leaving that aspect of my business behind. I am just adding to it.  

Thanks for all the support and love that I get from family, friends, customers and nice people on the internet. I'm so thankful that I get to do what I love and share my creativity with others. Stay tuned for lots of fun this next season!

September 29, 2020

Busy Busy month

 I have been meaning to get on here and type up a fun and interesting post all month long. It has been one of my goals and I am happy to say that I have kept it, thus far.  One post per month isn't too terrible and I hope that I make things pretty entertaining.

This month has been completely crazy. For one, we are doing the school at home, thing. We are using laptops and I'm printing off papers and it's been going pretty well. We are struggling with Spanish only because I don't speak it well. Or much at all.  I'm trying and can do a bit for school - as long as the kids slow down a bit.

I also have been helping my parents with things around the house. Being home means that we can be around others that have stayed home. And both parent's have taken this pandemic seriously and have stayed home as well. That means that we get to go have fun with them and that usually means that I get to work when I go over. It's actually a lot of fun to see my kids with their grandparents.

We also have a lot of birthdays and fun things that we've been celebrating - it really is birthday season. None in our little family but lots of cousins and friends. It's been fun to help them out.

Something else I've been up to - sewing masks for an upcoming wedding. I'm so excited for the sweet bride and I know that these masks are going to help her feel safe and secure on her big day. I've also been coming up with lots of new ideas for things to make and do. I want to have a place to actually work and create - that is getting harder as all of my spaces have become work from home areas instead. Thank goodness for my kitchen table. 

So what's next? Well... I've got a big announcement coming very soon. Something that I've been working on for about a year - first I had to get the courage and then do the work. Everything is coming into place. Stay tuned for lots more fun. 

August 6, 2020

Website, and Contacts, and Products... Oh my


I have been working behind the scenes - mostly to be with my family and that has been great. I have also been working on a few things online behind the scenes. The first fun thing was my website. I love how simplistic it is! I plan on adding specific listings in the future - colors of products and so forth. As of now I just have the patterns/colors listed under each product.

I feel like it makes things look more tidy. I also love that it is just one page and you scroll down and all my info is there. I love that by typing in my domain it shows my shop and what I do.  I do wish that I could afford two domains right now - so I can have one for my blog. It's all about priorities and if I've learned one thing this year is that I need to simplify everything. So one domain to my shop is great. Hopefully people can see my blog from there and click over. That's my hope right now, anyway. 



I have also updated my contact info on the website and across social media. I'm trying out a new to me idea. I don't have a dedicated phone for work - for my business. So I grabbed the second best thing - google voice. So now I have a phone number that you can call.  I'd ask you to please be patient. I'm learning. I'm not a phone person at all, anyway. So if you call and I don't answer - no worries. I do have a voicemail and I am checking it. It may be more like every other day at this point. So I would say that email (mymommylifeof3blog@gmail.com) or social media is still the best way to reach me quickly.  Instagram is my new go-to right now. 


On the topic of contacts - I would love to start a monthly (or quarterly) newsletter for those that subscribe. That way you can be the first to know about upcoming sales and new products. Please subscribe in the fun little pop up that comes up on this blog. I know they can be annoying so if you are okay with missing out than just click on the "no thanks" instead.


And lastly we come to products. I am happy to report that I will begin to sell bundles soon. This will be face mask bundles. A few with a zipper pouch for the backpack, glove compartment. Another will be masks with a wash bag. I hope that this will help ease back to school jitters. Or back to work jitters.

I will also be sewing like a mad woman. Masks, napkins, zipper pouches, key chains, and more. I know I have a lot to do and now that I've almost caught up with mommy duties I feel like I can begin. No, I'm not the fastest sewist. That's okay, though, because I always make sure that I do my best work. So look forward to a few new items - I'll let you know about them in my newest newsletter. 

Last thought: I added my shop to the bottom of my blog. So if you see something you like, scroll down and you can grab it!