June 1, 2025

Welcome One And All


Hey All! I'm Karla and run this little show.  I have been blogging about my craft projects since 2012 and it's always exciting to see how far this blog has come. I've learned what my voice sounds like and have found a lot of different fun things to try.  Through blogging I found a passion for many different crafts.  I also found the one that I enjoy most and that I have become very good at - sewing.  In 2017 I opened my business.  It was super scary to step into the world of public comments and social media. I'm so happy to say that I am trying hard to swim in these treacherous waters. What's fun is that I make everything you see at my kitchen table and run all my own social media accounts. When you see something online you can know that it is from me. Thanks checking in and enjoy!

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June 19, 2020

2020 Goals Update

Who remembers the beginning of the year - we were all so excited and ready to make 2020 the best one yet. Then things started to change and this year has been one of the strangest years I can remember. So many BIG things are happening right now. I can't keep track of it all.

So I thought that I would take a moment to redo my goals from the beginning. They look a bit different in the world today.

Old Goals:

You get to see my thought process here. I may be home, but that doesn't mean I have time to sit and do what I want instead of what needs to be done. I've got lots of laundry, dishes (holy cow), putting out fires (aka kids fighting), and figuring out what to eat without going near the stores. Thank goodness for pick up at this point. 

New Goals:

I'm in the middle of a few things right now. I will be launching my new website soon (https://mymommylifeof3.com) where I will take the domain from my blog to the website. I have thought about this a lot and think that it is a smart move. I would also love to have a domain for my blog, but I waited three years for a website, I can wait a little longer for this one. I want to do this right.  

I'm also adding shops to my social media. I'm focusing on Facebook & Instagram right now. It was easy to add to facebook with my website (one of the reasons I went with it) but for some reason my insta isn't working. There are times when I need to try, and then step back for a minute. I have one working - I'll try again with the other. 

I also am so happy to report that with this blog post I am caught up. I have a post for each month. This year has been rough and I haven't known what to say or how or if and I'm glad that I was able to put something together each month. 

The others are coming. One new product just dropped and I'm so happy that I could do that. I guess I actually have two new products because of masks, but at this point they seem like my new normal. I'll do another post on living ecofriendly soon. I've got to do my research first. 

Anyway, how are your goals coming? Have you needed to change them as well? 

May 23, 2020

Happy Anniversary!!

Everyone needs to start somewhere.

I used to be so nervous to begin my business. There are those businesses that have been there for so long that you just know them. Then I saw someone that said "doing business since 1995".  To me that isn't that long ago. I was still in school and I remember that year. So I figured that when I started, I would just keep going. That way in years down the road I could look back and say that I have been doing business since 2017. 

I have now been in business for 3 years! I can't believe it. I got my DBA (doing business as) and my business license in January. I started planning out my products and website. I did research into the best platforms to start selling and knew that I only had about $200 to spend until I got a bit of money back. 

I do have to say - I do have some experience at being a business owner. Kinda. Sorta. My husband had a photography business for a few years. He had it so that he could buy better photography equipment. I love his work and love that he can take professional photos of the kids even now. The business did crumble and fall apart after the birth of our first child. It was too much of a struggle to get to appointments for hours on end and leave our baby. Then a year later we found out I was expecting again and we gave up on the business. It wasn't a big deal - he still has the equipment and he loves to do landscapes anyway. 

(Link here if you are interested in seeing his work. I can't say how much I love it.)

This is the arch that fell in Arches National park.
Wall Arch - This arch fell a few years ago in Arches National park.

Life happens and things change. I had my degree in science and another in teaching... but I didn't like the game. I don't do well in the politics of work so I found that staying home was much better for me. With 3 kids I would be working to pay for childcare and that wasn't worth it. Luckily, my husband has a job that supports our family and I can stay home. 

Being home gave me a different vantage point - I could see things differently. I loved to blog. I have been doing it for over 7 years off and on. I also love to craft. I started to focus in on the thing that I am good at and that I wanted to make. I am okay at many different crafts - wood crafts, baking, cooking, cross-stitch. I started to focus on the one that made me feel closer to my own mother - sewing. 

My mother is a quilter. She is incredible and can make just about anything. She will do piece quilting - which scares me to death. My sister is also a seamstress - she sews all her own clothing that she wears. She tells me that it's better because she can find the fabric that breathes and make things the length she wants for hot Arizona summers. I'll believe her - I have made a few things for my kids, but I don't like making clothing.

This business started with making baby blankets. I had just had a miscarriage and there were more than 10 neighbors having babies in the next eight months. So instead of being extremely sad, I started to sew. I made baby blankets for each of those beautiful babies. I then found that I loved sewing and that blankets were needed. I started to go to craft shows more frequently and noticed the baby items that people made. I started making more things and loved it.

I tried to sell my items, but I didn't do well. I noticed that my heart wasn't completely into the baby items portion. There are so many who make these things and I wasn't going to compete without loving it.  My family was also growing out of baby items. This is where being at home helped me out.

I noticed the things that we were throwing out a lot. I also noticed how MUCH we were throwing out. I didn't like this - my degree is in conservation ecology and I don't want to compound the problem. So we got the kids special plates, cups and bowls. These were theirs - with a picture on the bottom so they needed to eat their food in order to find it. I would then do the dishes and the kids would put them away for their next use. We used less paper plates!

Then came the big ones - paper towels. What would I do? I looked up reusable paper towels and the world opened itself up to me and I am so thankful! I found so many things that I could make as reusable. I try to focus on these in my own home and in my shop. I think that by putting these out into the world, I can help others be more mindful of their waste as well.

So here we are, three years later and I know that I can do even more good. I am My Mommy Life of 3 and my business started in 2017. 

April 17, 2020

Making Masks

Hey all! It's been a minute. The last time I said anything I was talking about seeing me in person. Man, has that changed.

When I heard that the coronavirus came to my region I did what everyone did. I got a little nervous. Okay, I kinda had a freak out.  Mostly after they cancelled school for a month. My sweet SIL found a great group of people online and I started following along - they were making fabric mask covers for medical personnel.

Here was something that I could do. I could focus my energy on my family, my home and sewing. We started doing school online and then after the kids went to bed I'd research masks. The group I was following finally came up with a universal pattern. It was super simple and I was excited to try it out. I asked my mom if she'd like to help out and it seems like magic - we made 25 masks and gave them to a local hospice. They were so grateful.

I then felt a great need to take care of close friends/family. So I sent out a message to them asking if they wanted masks. I started sewing and realized that I can make them pretty fast - as long a I had binding.

I found some fun ways to make binding and used my stash to make masks. I also had wonderful people give me fabric for masks. I ran out of binding pretty regularly. It took me a full day to cut & sew the binding. Then another to iron. Remember - I'm still caring for 3 littles and cleaning dishes/laundry every day.  So I found a fun little trick for ironing binding. My daughter even helped me out.

Then I ran out again and thought - there has to be a better way! So I found cotton tshirt ties. I had a friend with a few plain tshirts and tried it out. It went so much faster!! They were much more comfortable, too.

Through this whole thing every time I went out I never had a mask of my own because I kept giving them away. I'd make 10 and then put them in the mail or on my porch and they'd be gone to other people. It made me feel more calm that I could help others. I didn't do it for cash - I did get a bit of cash donations and a lot of beautiful fabric.

So here I am... making more masks. I plan on selling them soon. here's a catch, though. I will be donating a mask to medical centers throughout the US for each mask I sell. That will give me cash for shipping. So stay tuned - I plan on making many more with the fabric I've been given.

And thank you! I can't do this without help.