August 7, 2015

Super Busy Sewing Day

We have a lot of cousin birthdays in August/September.  I know that I'll loose some energy soon, so I wanted to get them done. I'm so happy to show all these pillow cases. 

I think I made my last one for awhile. Now all the kids have at least one of their own. Picking out colors for each niece/nephew has been a blast. My little girl has helped me make them all and is such a great helper. 

I really enjoy making things for the kids and hopefully I'll be able to for awhile to come. They are super easy to impress right now. :) I just hope I have more ideas soon.

All of these (with lunch, preschool time and getting my little guy upstairs for a nap included) took me about 3 hours to make. That includes cutting as well. We've had a busy day of sewing. I know my little girl is very excited to give these gifts to her cousins.

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