December 5, 2017

Doll Hair

I've got two beautiful daughters. One thing about having girls is that we have a lot of very well loved dollies.  A few months ago I was able to perform an experiment. My oldest had left many of her dolls outside overnight. They came in and their hair was TERRIBLE. 

I jumped on pinterest to find what to do. I saw a lot about fabric softener and how to use that to help their hair. However, I also read that fabric softener is really bad and that you can't restore hair with it. This being my first time (and these are a little expensive) I decided to just not go with fabric softener at all. Ruining hair is not in the plans.

I then googled how to wash and restore doll hair. The same theme kept popping up. Use dish soap and conditioner. Also, boiling water.  So I put all these ideas together and hopefully it doesn't hurt them. The hair turned out incredible and I'm happy that she can actually sit and brush her doll hair again. Also, I did it twice on these dolls because they had grass and dirt throughout because of their latest adventure. I'm pretty sure a few of these had been left out before, as well. 

Here's what I did - 

- Boil a large pot of water on the stove. 
-Before anything else brush out as many knots as possible. 
- Use dish soap &amp and lather it in well (on dry hair). 
- Rinse in boiling water. I put the dolls in and let them sit - however be careful of the plastic on their scalp. Pocahontas didn't fair very well here - but super glue helped her heal back up.  
- After you ring out some water, so they aren't dripping, add regular conditioner. 
- Rinse again in boiling water. 
- Brush out hair and leave to dry overnight. 

Didn't they turn out well. I love how soft and silky they felt. Also, as you can tell, at our house we wear swim suits outside and in the pool. More on that later. 

I hope this helps anyone that is on the fence about how to take care of doll hair. Remember, the doll can't feel it, so boiling water doesn't hurt. Just watch out for the plastic. Enjoy!

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