April 9, 2018


This year, i had specific goals that I wanted to accomplish. Has anyone kept going on their goals for 2018? I realized the other day that I have accomplished another of my goals. Isn't it fun to look back and realize that you are still on track?

Variety is the spice of life - that's what I hear. One of my goals this year was to add a bit of variety to my shop. I was making 3 things at the beginning: baby blankets, lip balm key chains & zip pouches.

These are all great and fun to make. However, I think I made too many to begin with. I had a large inventory with only these things. I was told to start slow and get good at a few things. It was easy to cut out a lot at once then sew them up. I gave away quite a few at first because I really want to get my name out into the universe.

I wanted to sew a few more items and thought I'd add in a variety. I remembered sewing some pillowcases for my kids, nieces & nephews. They were fun to make and I loved playing with the colors. I started these around Christmas and was so excited when they sold quickly. I made more and went pretty simple for the ones I made for the shop. I didn't know how crazy people wanted their beds.

After making some fun 'magic' pillow cases I had a customer ask if I could make a customized square pillow for St. Patrick's day.  She told me about her vision and I knew exactly how to do it. In order to make it exactly the way I wanted I knew I needed some new equipment (that I've had my eyes on for awhile). I purchased the Silhouette Cameo 3 and heat transfer vinyl. I then made the pillow case and we are both in love. It took a long time b/c I like to hand stitch my appliques. I think I have a better way to make these in the future. I have plans for some University pillows soon.

Then I decided to use that same machine to cut vinyl for another project. It has nothing to do with sewing - frames. I love these cute shadowbox frames. I love that they are easy and fun to personalize into whatever I'd like. These are 10x10 frames.

I have so many plans for friends/family for wood crafts. I don't know if I'll sell those since they take a lot of work to make. I've got designs in the works along with a wonderful man helping me with the wood (my daddy).  I'll post pictures when I get going. I want to let the weather get a little warmer before I get going on wood crafts.

I don't write this post as boasting or to congratulate myself. This post (like all my others) is mostly for me. I love to look back at what I've worked on and how far I've come.

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