October 11, 2018

Handmade Table Mat

I love to try new things. It's always a bonus if I see something I like, need and that is reusable.

I found a fun blog post with dimensions and instructions on how to make a handmade table mat with pocket for utensils. I honestly want this for my family so it is easier for the kids to set the table. They will also want to eat on the table with special table mats. Also, fewer spills on the table.

The instructions on the site are good so I decided not to do a full tutorial. Instead, go look on their site. I will say a few things that were a little tricky until I did them. (I think that made sense)

The pocket placement - I just eyeballed it, honestly. About an inch from the sides and a little higher than an inch from the bottom. I was going to put them on the right, but this is the correct placement (although for my older daughter I will b/c she's left handed). I put my scissors in the pocket so you could see it was closed.

I had to think about how to actually put them together. I did cut the batting a little bigger because that's what I do with quilts. It's just a personal preference.  I used clips and clipped everything together (LOVE THESE) and then opened it up to see if that's how it was supposed to go. The bottom layer is the batting and it's the largest. I was happy to see that I did clip things the correct way. If you are in doubt - use this trick before sewing. It's easier to move things around without having to unpick everything.

After I sewed (leaving about a 4 inch opening) I turned it inside out (right side out actually - wording is always confusing to me) and then did a top stitch. I loved where I put the pockets because I could just sew right by without touching them. I was a little nervous I'd be sewing over the pocket again and didn't want to do that. Why? Personal preference again. If you flip the entire thing horizontally the pattern is facing the correct way.

It turned out super cute! I love that it is double sided and I know that I won't need to ask so many times to set the table. I thought about making these roll bags with a tie but where I'm storing them they will be flat.

All set for my youngest daughter. She's going to love the fabric, too.

Reversible means I can use it at least twice before it needs to be washed right? Right? Just let me dream.

 I sewed over the pocket opening a few times for durability.

Seriously, I love the cute fabric!! I have enough to make another - think I should sell one? Anyone want a Minnie Mouse table mat of their own?

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