February 12, 2020

Cute stuff - Kid's Pillows

It may not look like it - but I have been working like crazy! There has been a lot on the computer, in fabric stores, at my table late at night cutting and sewing and mostly planning.

I feel like everything is happening at once. I can feel my little business growing rather quickly in how I am producing products and where they will be sold. I'm just trying to keep up.  It was like I said I needed to trust myself and then jumped in with both feet.  I'm not sure I've surfaced quite yet.

I did say that one of my goals for the year was to blog at least once/month. So here I am! Keeping up with another goal.  How are yours going?


You come here to see some cute things that I make. There are a lot that I'm working on for my next show in March (it's coming fast) and so I'd like to keep those apart from just the cute stuff. I have put in my schedule a place to do just cute stuff. I need to get back to the fact that the reason that I make things is because it's fun. I like to make things for others - it's how I show love.

The reason that I learned to sew was to help my family and because it's fun to make something out of nothing. I do have a vision for a few fun gifts for my kids. Because I am a crafty mom I decided to make them some cute huggable pillows made with fabric of their favorite things. Now... this will be fun.

I have made them all two each. I want to make what they are into that year. So I've been searching for Cars, Minnie, princess, Harry Potter, Paw Patrol, Octonauts, and Phineas and Ferb fabrics.  I have a few years to catch up on so I've gotta get going.

I want them to have time to love what I make - they really carry them around the house. They love watching movies and having "sleep overs" in each others rooms with their pillows. The pillows are 12x12 and fit a 10x10 pillow. So it's small and easy to carry.

Here's a look at the latest ones. They are adorable!!
When she was 2 she was obsessed with princesses! 
If I want his attention I hum the Jurassic Park theme.
There are still days that I have to call her Minnie.
 I am always looking for unique fabric and things that they will love. I want to make these as personal as possible. They were all super excited to get new pillow cases. I will be making more during the year to catch up on the last few years. I have the fabric, but I want them to have a little time to love these ones.

When I have enough - maybe when they are 16 - I will take the front panel from each of their pillows and make a quilt. That way they can have a visual of all the things they were into while they were growing up. Maybe I'll make it for when they go off to college or out into the world. It's just a little something that I want to give them as their mom. It shows my love and that they are special. It also show that I was listening and watching as they grew up. It's the plan - hopefully I can follow through with it.

What is your favorite handmade item? Mine is my baby blanket that my mom made. I still have it.

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