June 1, 2025

Welcome One And All


Hey All! I'm Karla and run this little show.  I have been blogging about my craft projects since 2012 and it's always exciting to see how far this blog has come. I've learned what my voice sounds like and have found a lot of different fun things to try.  Through blogging I found a passion for many different crafts.  I also found the one that I enjoy most and that I have become very good at - sewing.  In 2017 I opened my business.  It was super scary to step into the world of public comments and social media. I'm so happy to say that I am trying hard to swim in these treacherous waters. What's fun is that I make everything you see at my kitchen table and run all my own social media accounts. When you see something online you can know that it is from me. Thanks checking in and enjoy!

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