April 17, 2020

Making Masks

Hey all! It's been a minute. The last time I said anything I was talking about seeing me in person. Man, has that changed.

When I heard that the coronavirus came to my region I did what everyone did. I got a little nervous. Okay, I kinda had a freak out.  Mostly after they cancelled school for a month. My sweet SIL found a great group of people online and I started following along - they were making fabric mask covers for medical personnel.

Here was something that I could do. I could focus my energy on my family, my home and sewing. We started doing school online and then after the kids went to bed I'd research masks. The group I was following finally came up with a universal pattern. It was super simple and I was excited to try it out. I asked my mom if she'd like to help out and it seems like magic - we made 25 masks and gave them to a local hospice. They were so grateful.

I then felt a great need to take care of close friends/family. So I sent out a message to them asking if they wanted masks. I started sewing and realized that I can make them pretty fast - as long a I had binding.

I found some fun ways to make binding and used my stash to make masks. I also had wonderful people give me fabric for masks. I ran out of binding pretty regularly. It took me a full day to cut & sew the binding. Then another to iron. Remember - I'm still caring for 3 littles and cleaning dishes/laundry every day.  So I found a fun little trick for ironing binding. My daughter even helped me out.

Then I ran out again and thought - there has to be a better way! So I found cotton tshirt ties. I had a friend with a few plain tshirts and tried it out. It went so much faster!! They were much more comfortable, too.

Through this whole thing every time I went out I never had a mask of my own because I kept giving them away. I'd make 10 and then put them in the mail or on my porch and they'd be gone to other people. It made me feel more calm that I could help others. I didn't do it for cash - I did get a bit of cash donations and a lot of beautiful fabric.

So here I am... making more masks. I plan on selling them soon. here's a catch, though. I will be donating a mask to medical centers throughout the US for each mask I sell. That will give me cash for shipping. So stay tuned - I plan on making many more with the fabric I've been given.

And thank you! I can't do this without help.

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