July 2, 2020

Something new and fun

This month I decided to take a tiny break from sewing masks and tried my hand at something new.  I am so excited because these are something I've wanted to make for awhile now. One of the first places I was able to walk around and shop is the local fabric shop. Okay, it's the only place I've really been besides my home. 2020 is very interesting. 

I grabbed a few fun fabrics and decided to make some reusable large fabric napkins. These are 18 inches square and I started with fun patriotic fabrics. These were fun and simple to make. I love that they are reusable. How cute would these be at a family bbq?

I love the idea of making a family dinner much fancier can be this easy. Seriously, cloth napkins make any meal feel very fancy. I know that my kids were very impressed with my skills. I guess it's good that I can make something fun and pretty simple to make my kids happy. 

They also loved that I used their kid plate, bowl, cup and utensils to show the size of the napkins. I figured that most people in my life own the kid sized dishes and hopefully the rest of the world will be able to judge the size also. I haven't gotten new dishes since our wedding almost 15 years ago and they are chipped and don't match. So I grabbed something that looked a bit better for a photo.

I was happy that a few people thought it looked nice. I got some good feedback and it made me feel super happy. I put a lot of thought and heart into my work and to hear that its liked is nice. 

What's great is that these are available now in my shop.  Head over now to grab them.  And more patterns will be coming soon.  

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