August 6, 2020

Website, and Contacts, and Products... Oh my


I have been working behind the scenes - mostly to be with my family and that has been great. I have also been working on a few things online behind the scenes. The first fun thing was my website. I love how simplistic it is! I plan on adding specific listings in the future - colors of products and so forth. As of now I just have the patterns/colors listed under each product.

I feel like it makes things look more tidy. I also love that it is just one page and you scroll down and all my info is there. I love that by typing in my domain it shows my shop and what I do.  I do wish that I could afford two domains right now - so I can have one for my blog. It's all about priorities and if I've learned one thing this year is that I need to simplify everything. So one domain to my shop is great. Hopefully people can see my blog from there and click over. That's my hope right now, anyway.


I have also updated my contact info on the website and across social media. I'm trying out a new to me idea. I don't have a dedicated phone for work - for my business. So I grabbed the second best thing - google voice. So now I have a phone number that you can call.  I'd ask you to please be patient. I'm learning. I'm not a phone person at all, anyway. So if you call and I don't answer - no worries. I do have a voicemail and I am checking it. It may be more like every other day at this point. So I would say that email ( or social media is still the best way to reach me quickly.  Instagram is my new go-to right now. 


On the topic of contacts - I would love to start a monthly (or quarterly) newsletter for those that subscribe. That way you can be the first to know about upcoming sales and new products. Please subscribe in the fun little pop up that comes up on this blog. I know they can be annoying so if you are okay with missing out than just click on the "no thanks" instead.


And lastly we come to products. I am happy to report that I will begin to sell bundles soon. This will be face mask bundles. A few with a zipper pouch for the backpack, glove compartment. Another will be masks with a wash bag. I hope that this will help ease back to school jitters. Or back to work jitters.

I will also be sewing like a mad woman. Masks, napkins, zipper pouches, key chains, and more. I know I have a lot to do and now that I've almost caught up with mommy duties I feel like I can begin. No, I'm not the fastest sewist. That's okay, though, because I always make sure that I do my best work. So look forward to a few new items - I'll let you know about them in my newest newsletter. 

Last thought: I added my shop to the bottom of my blog. So if you see something you like, scroll down and you can grab it!

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