September 29, 2020

Busy Busy month

 I have been meaning to get on here and type up a fun and interesting post all month long. It has been one of my goals and I am happy to say that I have kept it, thus far.  One post per month isn't too terrible and I hope that I make things pretty entertaining.

This month has been completely crazy. For one, we are doing the school at home, thing. We are using laptops and I'm printing off papers and it's been going pretty well. We are struggling with Spanish only because I don't speak it well. Or much at all.  I'm trying and can do a bit for school - as long as the kids slow down a bit.

I also have been helping my parents with things around the house. Being home means that we can be around others that have stayed home. And both parent's have taken this pandemic seriously and have stayed home as well. That means that we get to go have fun with them and that usually means that I get to work when I go over. It's actually a lot of fun to see my kids with their grandparents.

We also have a lot of birthdays and fun things that we've been celebrating - it really is birthday season. None in our little family but lots of cousins and friends. It's been fun to help them out.

Something else I've been up to - sewing masks for an upcoming wedding. I'm so excited for the sweet bride and I know that these masks are going to help her feel safe and secure on her big day. I've also been coming up with lots of new ideas for things to make and do. I want to have a place to actually work and create - that is getting harder as all of my spaces have become work from home areas instead. Thank goodness for my kitchen table. 

So what's next? Well... I've got a big announcement coming very soon. Something that I've been working on for about a year - first I had to get the courage and then do the work. Everything is coming into place. Stay tuned for lots more fun. 

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