October 1, 2020

New and exciting logo

 Hey all!

I have been reading for almost a year about how people will rebrand after a few years. Usually this happens with a new name and logo. I didn't want to change my full name - that takes a lot of paperwork and I have my new website to think about. (go take a look) I have to be frugal because it's just me. With the push to support local and everyone being home my business has suffered. I can't afford to change everything up.

So I've done the next best thing! I changed my logo. I went online to look around and see what I wanted. I saw a few things that I liked and then went into my program and made this one:

I know that shorter names stick in the mind of others easier. I have been using the hashtag #MMLo3 for a couple years now and I thought I'd just jump in. However, my full name is still on here. It may not be as prominent as it used to be and that's okay. I also changed something else - I am now My Mommy Life of 3 - handmade. I changed my facebook a little while ago. I will be changing everything else today. I am so very pleased with the idea of having all things that are handmade.

With this announcement there are a few things that will be changing. Number one is my business card. I used the image on the back on my car magnet - it's been there for years. I love the idea that people can find me everywhere. I try to be very approachable. I know I'm on more social media platforms than others (I prefer Insta) but I do try to have a place that anyone can find me. 

So here's the thing. When you buy from me I am able to expand, change and enjoy my business even more. I know that this year was not my greatest - I couldn't do any in person boutiques after March. Dang Covid. We haven't actually been anywhere since my last show... March 15. That's good news - you know that what you are getting from me is clean and made with so much joy.  

There will also be more that I will add to my website. This means vinyl projects, wood projects, and more. I do love to sew. I'm good at it. I love it. I LOVE reusable items. I am not leaving that aspect of my business behind. I am just adding to it.  

Thanks for all the support and love that I get from family, friends, customers and nice people on the internet. I'm so thankful that I get to do what I love and share my creativity with others. Stay tuned for lots of fun this next season!

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