November 14, 2020

Codes for days

 Holy cow! I have been a bit busy this month with lots of fun things going on. I am so happy to be involved in so many fun craft markets (see last post for all the details). 

In order to see where people are buying things from, I've made a few codes for free shipping. You can find these codes all over my social media pages from Instagram, twitter, and facebook.  I'm trying to reach out to everyone. I'm also wanting to know where you are coming from. Which market are you supporting? I will say that every single market has small shops just like me, so please shop small and support some makers. :)


CLCSHIPPING  - for free shipping from Craft Lake City Holiday Market

NYMSHIPPING - for free shipping from Not Yo' Mama's Winter Market

LDACSHIPPING - for free shipping from the Latter-Day arts and crafts Market (On FB)

Also, stay tuned for another fun sales code coming soon. This will be for everyone and will focus on Shop Small Saturday! I'm getting excited. 

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