December 12, 2020

Top 3

I thought it would be fun to go through everything that I have sold this crazy year. I am really surprised! I had many items that were similar in the count, but there were a few that really were higher on the list. The top 3 things that I've sold are:

#1 personalized key chains

#2 Masks (makes sense)

#3 personalized wooden ornaments

I'm sensing a pattern - personalized.

Did you know that I can personalize zip pouches, tote bags, snack bags and more. I also have been getting more orders for wooden signs. I think the reason is because they are new to my site. It's always fun to make something new. These are also a bit personalized - different colors and saying available.

The hard part about having things personalized is that they take time. So please remember that as you place orders. Not just with me, but anyone that puts time into making lovely things. Order early and have patience.

I love to look back and see what it was like - even in a weird year like 2020. Remember that the last day I'm taking orders this year is the 18.

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