February 1, 2021

Goals 2021

 I usually figure out my goals rather quickly in the year - I thought I'd wait a bit to see how the year was going before starting my goals. :) So without all the fanfare here are my goals for 2021 (they may change).

These goals are subject to change at any time throughout the year. I have to say that out loud because I need to remember to do my best with what I've got. We are hearing about vaccines, but who knows when we will be getting one. So let's call this the list of things I'd like this year.

- Blog once/month

    So far, so good. I keep this here so that I can be held accountable. I want at least once/month so that I keep going and keep my habit.  I would like to change a bit during the year from "this is what's going on with me" to "this is how you do things".  That seems difficult to me while running a business. So... I will figure that out and see where it takes me.

- Sew items

    When I started I was learning how to sew different items. Now that I have a lot of experience, it just isn't as thrilling. I'd like to make a few things each month and list them on my site so that I can have a bit on hand for when we can do in person markets. (more on that later)  I also want to be excited again.  I compare me sewing to getting the kids in a bath - it's a struggle to actually get the water and then get the kids in, but once there they love it and don't want to leave. haha

- Create fun designs for home decor

    This is a bit fun but also stressful. I can just download a few SVG files and call it a day, but I love to make things that are unique. So I will be working on a few things that are made by myself. I also would like to try and make them on things that I haven't really done much of - like tumblers or shirts. But Still stay true to myself. I like the painted wood look the most - so I'll embrace that and then maybe move in to other things. That means that I first need to design. :)

- Participate in 4 markets.

    Phew! I have one under my belt already. I did the new year FB market on a group. It was fun, and a lot of work. I'd love to find a few others to do this summer and hopefully soon we can start going back in person. (It's hard being a high risk household.) I love markets in general - I miss going to them. I know that eventually we'll be able to do it more and more - so until then I need a way to keep my business afloat. 

I try not to make too many and also keep them achievable. Hopefully by having these goals to look at and come back to I can keep moving forward and have a fun and productive year.

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