September 7, 2021

Sugar Skull Painting

 Has anyone ever heard of a hot mess canvas? I hadn't for a long time. I saw a cool painting with the words underneath and figured I could look it up.  I have LOVED doing these hot mess canvases with my family and I practiced up so that I could start selling them. So... here's my version of a hot mess painting.

Supply list:

    - Canvas (regular or thin)
    - Stencil - I make mine with my silhouette & oramask 813
    - Acrylic Paint
    - Mod Podge 
    - Foam Brushes

Step 1:  Collect supplies. Paint the canvas with at least 5 different colors. This should look random, just cover every part of the canvas in a thin coat. 

Step 2: Weed out stencil if not already complete. The paint needs to fully dry so this can be done while waiting. 

Step 3: When paint is fully dry (sometimes letting sit overnight), apply your stencil. With the Oramask you can pick it up and move it around before pressing it down to get it where you want. Remember, only the stencil will be shown so look at the color patterns.

Step 4:  (optional)  Paint a very thin coat of mod podge over the entire canvas. This will help with bleeding from the top paint color onto the background. Let dry.  Note: Some designs look better when allowed to bleed through (like this sugar skull).

Step 5: Paint a thin layer of your top color over entire canvas. IMPORTANT: Never use the same color for a background color and top color. The point is to peel off the top color and see what is underneath.  You can do 1-3 coats of the top color. Make sure to let them dry between coats. 

Step 6: The fun part - carefully peel up the stencil. The magic of the hot mess painting will shine in this step. Don't be afraid to cut the stencil when peeling to make it easier on yourself. Working with less in your hands, especially with intricate designs, can help you focus.

Step 7:  Apply a thin coat of mod podge over the entire canvas so that no peeling will occur later. This also gives it a glossy look. 

You can see the bleeding up close on this design.

Ta Da!! I love how this sugar skull turned out. In my mind they are bright and exciting. I chose the black over it so that the colors would pop. I also wanted to use white as a background color.  

The fun part about these hot mess paintings is that you can change up the colors and top coats into whatever colors you want. They are very creative and don't take a lot of time. Here is another example of one I made the other day with a white coat. I only did 1 layer of paint so you can still see some of the background through it. Like I said, you can be completely creative. 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you enjoy making your very own hot mess painting.  If you'd like one of these and are not interested in doing it yourself you can check out my website to choose your colors and design. Also, these paintings will be available at my next boutique.  

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