My Story

In December 2010 I graduated from College with my second bachelor's degree. A few months later I became a mom for the very first time. 

Fast forward and I am now the mom of 3 beautiful children and have the privilege to be home with them while they are little.  While having them home is such a joy, sometimes I just need a break from kid stuff. I found that my favorite break was sewing. It fit in during nap time, it doesn't take too long, I can start and stop when I need to and the kids really do love watching.

I started by sewing blankets. When my kids were born I made each of them a soft, warm and big blanket. They were so easy to wash (just throw it in with the other clothes) and could even go in the dryer. It was so nice to not worry about a hand made item that needed special care. They were taking the blankets everywhere and now that they are older think it's special that mom made them their own blankets.

After making some clothes and other things I put aside sewing for awhile. Then my sister (my guru who cheers me on) told me about a sewing challenge. I started making a few things and loved trying out the new patterns. Patterns that were not clothes - every day, useful items.

I started to think about what I use and how I could bring those to others. I started sewing zip pouches, key chains, pillow cases and of course, blankets. As I went to more craft fairs I noticed the embellishments and wondered how to do them. 

I taught myself how to applique and use htv. I got a vinyl cutter and started making signs and that led to wood crafts. I thought about what is important to me and started an ecofriendly and reusable collection. 

I hope to keep having fun. I also hope that through custom orders I continue to grow my skills. 


Camesha | Mama Motivator said...

That's really cool. Learning how to sew has been something in the back of my mind for years. I'd love to make something that I could wear. I think it's really sweet that you made blankets for your kiddos.

Angela Milnes said...

I love that you are able to make creations while you are at a home with your little ones. I hope it continues to flourish!

Jennifer Brock said...

I love that your littles love to watch you sew. that is so neat. I wish I could sew but I just haven't had the time to learn

ohmummymia said...

Aww why I'm not so talented :( everything that you've made is beautiful. Sewing is not my thing because I'm not good at it but I love to buy pretty things:)